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Introducing Cover Templates by Vincent Peres

It has never been so easy to create a cover for your book! We have recently added several templates to help you build your cover.

First, create a print-on-demand book, from your portfolio.

Follow the steps until you have to create your cover, you should see something like this:

If you start the Cover Creator, you will be first asked to pick up a template. The ‘Default Template’ is a blank one, only including the title of the book, the author name and the blurb. If you choose another one, a graphic cover for the front, back and spine will be loaded. Remember that you are free to remove any elements of the cover templates, or add extra images or text of your own. You can come back and change your template at any time.

The Cover Creator will be launched after you select a template. You can now customise the cover as much as you want using the Cover Creator tools. Watch this video to find out more about the Cover Creator and how to use it.

As usual, after you click ‘Save’, the preview will be displayed and you will be able to download a PDF / printable version that you can check.

This feature is totally free for all CompletelyNovel users. Please let us know what you think about it!
Find out more about book cover design.

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    Alan Baker


    16 Jul 17:06

    These look terrific. Very professional-looking. I’m going to have a fiddle around with all my books this evening!

    Bryony Allen


    16 Jul 17:16

    Oli, I trust we can overlay pre-prepared jpegs on to these templates?

    I’m just waiting on an artist finishing some rear cover artwork for me. Once that comes through I too will be having a “play” as part of putting my next book up on CN. Hopefully this weekend if things work out.


    Oliver Brooks


    16 Jul 17:27

    Bryony said: Oli, I trust we can overlay pre-prepared jpegs on to these templates? I'm just waiting on an ...

    Yeah, you can still use the cover creator as before and put your own background images and foreground text and images in. These are just some templates to get people started quickly.

    Bryony Allen


    16 Jul 17:47

    Thanks, I’m sure it will be straightforward!!


    Alan Baker


    17 Jul 16:20

    Hi Oli. Just tried to use one of the new templates for The House of Ten Kingdoms, and there’s no Template button on the cover page, like there is for my other books. There’s only a ‘Start Cover Creator’ button, which takes me straight into the cover creator with no sign of the new templates. Any ideas? Cheers, Alan

    Oliver Brooks


    19 Jul 11:10

    Alan said: Hi Oli. Just tried to use one of the new templates for The House of Ten Kingdoms, and there's no ...

    Just had a word with Vince about this. It had been designed as a way to get things started for a cover so you would need to remove the current cover first at the moment.

    However for purposes of experimentation it might be a good thing to be able to design multiple covers and select the one you want to go on the book. Is not a hard change we just need to think about the interface. I’ll put this on our to-do list and get on it after I’ve thought about the interface a bit more and have a bit of free time.

    I’ll put a post up when I’ve updated it. Cheers

    bozan hawizy


    05 Jan 07:41

    can i design a cover for free or i have to pay?

    patti taylor


    07 Aug 02:22

    cover creator button doesn’t work!

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