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A CompletelyNovel approach
The way CompletelyNovel works is very different to all the self-publishing companies out there. It

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    Heidi Polk


    13 Mar 16:00

    I second that…

    Linda Gaine


    15 Mar 17:33

    I second that twice, this is a great opportunity for writers, I find agents impossible, and publishers don’t take work unless through an agent, how can anyone have a chance if no one gives them one.

    Gary Hurlstone


    18 Mar 13:16

    Everyone at CN have been extremely helpful. It’s great to see the site storming ahead, attracting readers and writers and providing a very much needed forum to support, encourage and publicise new work. A long overdue online literary marketplace-a good idea whose time has arrived. And not a rejection letter in sight!

    Tobias St Germain


    18 Mar 14:02

    Yep its long overdue.
    im reporting right back to my superiors at Galactic CENTRAL THAT I Finally can work with some earthlings. You just saved the planet from a long agonizing enema.

    Dominic Took


    25 Mar 13:49

    The shape of things to come we can all hope. As Liz said communities like this are opening things up in a way that the mainstream industry isn’t really prepared to do, though I’m sure it could with a little imagination. Still that’s one beautiful thing about the internet age. Keep up the good work CN.

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