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 by Anna Lewis

What better way to start the CompletelyNovel Rapid Review series than with Anna and Cathy reviewing The CompletelyNovel Launch Anthology (And now for comething completely different…) in just three minutes.
They also offer give a few delightful suggestions of things you might like to try at home based on the ‘And now for something completely different…’ theme.

Much custard powder was spilled in the making of this video but, being strong believers in the ‘three second rule’, we’re pleased to say that at least 90% made it through unharmed.

Let us know what you think about TheLaunch Anthology by writing your own review or commenting below. You can read it on the website here.

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    Robin Bott


    06 Feb 23:07

    these rapid reviews are great.

    Oliver Brooks


    09 Feb 18:38

    Love it, more please!

    Heidi Polk


    11 Feb 13:53

    This feature is a GREAT addition to the site – will be looking forward to seeing more Rapid Reviews!

    Anna Lewis


    12 Feb 09:03

    Glad you like the reviews…there are plenty more to come and seriously, if you would like to do one with a friend and send it in, we’d love to see them!

    Lorna Lewis


    16 Feb 16:30

    This is a really good idea – have you done any more of these?

    Anna Lewis


    16 Feb 21:00

    Yes – there are more on the way. At the moment you can view them on our youtube channel here or just wait until they go up on the website!

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