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10 May 14:27

What do people think of this guy’s idea to promote his work? His own bookshop selling just his book! Nice if you’ve got the resources (which of course not all of us do…) but would be so interesting to find out how many books he actually sells. Has to be said that the publicity from the stunt has probably got him a fair few sales. Has anyone read Martian Summer? Any good?

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    Anna Lewis


    10 May 21:38

    Love this bit at the end…

    “Reactions to the store, he says, have been varied. “Some people come in and hug whomever happens to be working in the store because they love it. And some people demand to know – aggressively – how we could be so foolish. That makes for a pretty unique work environment.” "

    Definitely want to know how many he sells and where he ends up selling the ones that are left!

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